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Munagiso - Bikini with zippeé

Munagiso - Bikini with zippeé

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If you wear sanitary products and want to carry a spare, then this ingenious design. Gives you a hands-free and discreet carry option. Try it on with leggings!

Features an invisible zip-fastened pocket in the back. For going to school, days out, or keeping hands free at that party.

  • Munãgiso pant fabric is 95% organic cotton & 5% Spandex, while the absorbent core is 95% organic cotton & 5% polyurethane, so our pants have a little bit more stretch and a lot more absorbency power.
  • Absorbs up to 15ml
  • 100% organic cotton pH-neutral top layer to support the vaginal microbiome


  • Moderate to heavy periods, light to moderate bladder leaks or heavy discharge.

Our leak-free organic pants are designed to support you through your period again and again. Just wear, wash, repeat. Our 3D anti-leak technology combines three layers of breathable organic cotton.

This style sits just below the hip with a high-cut leg for a smooth, comfortable fit, with no VPL.

Wash Care Instructions

Step 1. Wash your Munãgiso period pants before wearing them for the first time. This will activate the technology in the gusset for maximum absorbency.

Step 2. Rinse in cold water after use <30° Do not soak, just rinse until the water runs clear!

Step 3. Cold wash (now or later). In a delicates bag is even better!

Step 4. Hang dry. Reuse. Repeat! Go you eco-warrior!

Step 5. Hold the fabric softener. This reduces the product’s function!


If we're able to source your jersey easily (or we have it in stock) then it'll leave Foudys HQ within 2-4 working days. However sometimes it may take longer (up to 14 working days). We'll always contact you via email if we've got an issue or we're delayed. 

Free worldwide delivery on orders over £150

Care Instructions

  • Make your first wash a cold wash (good for your shirt & good forthe environment!)... or hand wash if you want to be super safe!
  • When you wash a football shirt, turn it inside out first to avoid any peeling.
  • Never put a stripey number in a coloured wash (I'm looking at all those Juventus and Atletico Madrid fans out there!)
  • Do not tumble dry footie shirts!
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