Statement regarding EURO 2022 Nike Kit Drops

Statement regarding EURO 2022 Nike Kit Drops

So without a moments notice we've seen drops from some of the Nike shirts for the major clubs in women's international football! How exciting *cough cough* stressful *cough cough*. 

Over the coming days it'll become clearer for us, so if you can hold on with your purchasing we'll be able to get you all the answers you're looking for!

So here's answers to all the questions we've been asked:

England Namesets (Personalisation)

We have the official England lettering and will be able to do almost any name you're looking for. We aren't able to release what they look like just yet (as of 25th May) but we will in the next few days.

We have no idea what numbers players will have and neither do England. It'll likely become clear when they play in the friendlies in the coming weeks... so if you want to get your blank England shirt you can then send it to us using this service right HERE and we'll upcycle your blank shirt!

If you want to do the upcycle but wait until the numbers have dropped just write a note and we can hold fire on printing your shirt. 

R.O.W Namesets (Personalisation)

We have Netherlands official personalisation already in the bag and we're working hard to source the remainder of Europe in terms of personalisation. We should be able to source all of the Puma kits (as they're the same) but with the rest of the shirts we'll be working our asses off to make it happen for you guys! 

Again, most numbers haven't been released yet so we're happy to wait before printing your shirt. 

Arm Patches

We are working hard to get the official Euro 2022 sleeve patches and we reckon we'll be able to get them before the tourno starts! We reckon we'll be the only retailer offering this bespoke service. 

Deals, Offers, and what will make us unique from the major brands

Here's a special offer for anyone purchasing England 2022 packages from FOUDYS:

EUROSCARF22 - Free Lionesses scarf with any England 2022 order over £90 - add the product to your card


This offer will only be valid whilst stocks last - we will invalidate the discount codes if we run out of stock 

We'll add more codes as the tournament progresses

Any other questions

If you have more questions then please do drop us a message! We're happy to help but please bear with us as we navigate this stuff ourselves! 


Helen, Arbon, Kelly, Mali, Bear (the doggo) and Donna (the cat) 


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