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This is definitely the hardest blog I've written to date. Wish me luck!
My favourite 2021 home shirt: Arsenal Home
The Arsenal 2021 Home shirt is a real grower. When I saw it released on the Arsenal website over the summer I was a bit "meh" but in the flesh it's a lovely material and fit. Arsenal have never done the white panels on the side and it really works! It also looks GORGEOUS with FAWSL lettering/arm tag and the white colours really ping!
My favourite 2021 away shirt: PSG Away
This was a relatively easy decision in the end. I toyed for a moment with the lovely Man City water themed shirt and the lovely Arsenal away shirt but PSG have outdone themselves with this slick shirt. Foudys have also got the home and away PSG fonts which are crazy and wonderful!
I love the intricacies of having different sleeve colours and panels of pink and black which cut through the badge. It's a real work of art.
My favourite 2021 third shirt: Arsenal Third
Arsenal have truly nailed this 2021 season (in terms of shirts!). Well, to be fair, Adidas have nailed it. Manchester United's third is something special too! I love a good third jersey. It's a chance for a club to be a bit experimental and go off-piste a bit. It sometimes crashes and burns (sorry Man City) but most of the time it's about creating a classic.
I know the Arsenal Third kit wasn't intended to look amazing with The WSL arm tag... but it REALLY does. Personally I think every shirt should come with the WSL arm tag. It should be mandatory.
My favourite international shirt: Lionesses 2019 Away
Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of this shirt. I'd go as far as saying it's the best England shirt of all time (men's or women's). The detail is just outstanding. To take a traditionally bright, garish red shirt and make it a deep red rose colour for the women's first ever away shirt is a stroke of genius. It's feminine, but not too feminine. To make it scream England but without anything traditionally "England shirt" about it is awesome. It really was a ground breaking shirt.
Special mention has to go to Brazil 2019 away, Canada 2020 and Netherlands 2020! Brazil for it's funky background shape, Canada for it's ingenious incorporation of the maple leaf and Netherlands for hiding a lions face in the shirts design.
My favourite 2021 European Giant shirt: Barcelona Third
This was such a hard decision! A few weeks ago the Barcelona Third shirt was released. My first thoughts: isn't that just the home shirt but a bit funkier? In reality it's a beauty with a completely different colour concept! We're using 2020 home font and can personalise these shirts too! It screams Barcelona but it's like nothing I've seen before from Barca!
I can't leave this section without mentioning my favourite jersey for material and quality: Lyon. My favourite shirt in the world to wear is the training jersey. The fit is stunning and it's got tiny vapor holes in it which makes it light weight, well fitting and it looks fit! In fact, the whole Lyon collection is brilliant this year!
My favourite NWSL shirt: Racing Louisville 2020-2022
NWSL have become famous for their crazy and unique shirts. Chicago made an amazing skyline shirt a few years ago and this year Orlando have produced a shirt inspired by outer space. However, I love the Louisville shirt. I've never seen a shirt like this in my life! How cool!
Here at Foudys we have some NWSL shirts in stock but we mainly bulk order every 3-4 months to help our customers avoid fees and the delivery charges. You can order HERE
My favourite "plain" shirt in the Foudys collection: New Zealand 2019
I love training in a plain jersey which fits well and looks slick. That's NZ 2019 through and through. It's also got a lovely sleeve design with the famous fern leaf.
My favourite lower-league / community shirt in the Foudys collection: Lewes FC Away
Lewes have teamed up with kappa again for the 2021/22 season and they're sponsored by Lyle & Scott which looks so perfect on the shirt. I love the pattern design across the front which incorporates the famous colours of the Lewes FC Home shirt (black and red). This shirt can be personalised with official FA Women's Championship red font OR Gold Lewes font.
Manchester Laces and Hackney Laces are also up on our community section. We'd love to have more awesome jerseys sold on our site that go towards women's football community clubs and lower league clubs. If you know of any women's team with an awesome kit that they'll like to sell, tell them to reach out to
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