Connecting the international dots

One of the things that we're really excited about here at Foudys is connecting the dots around the world of women's football. There are amazing leagues all over the world and little by little they're becoming more accessible for fans to watch and get involved in.
As a result of all these dots connecting up, fans are falling in love with clubs from cities and countries they've never even visited! As many of you know... I love The Portland Thorns. I love their style of play, I love the vibe their fans have, I just love 'em! Hannah, the co-founder of Foudys is famously an Orlando Pride fan (for her sins) and over at "The Women's Soccer Show" our American co-presenter Sara can't quite decide if she's Arsenal or Manchester United yet (give her time).
I was recently speaking to a club over in NWSL about how I could order almost any MLS jersey and have it at my door in Manchester within a week for a reasonable price. I could access every game minute of an MLS game. I could google an MLS players name and see their life history pop up in front of me. I want this for women. I want this for the women's game.
Here at Foudys we're connecting one of those dots. We're determined to get all NWSL jerseys on our shelves before the end of 2021 meaning UK and European followers can get a jersey without the crazy shipping and import costs. We're keen to get The W-League involved and also reach out to those retro fans out there by stocking some of the iconic jerseys from the past (think USA 1999, Dick Kerr Ladies etc).
The way I see it... if the men's league has it, then we should have it too. So:
Remove ridiculous shipping fees.
Lots to choose from, all in one place.
We are FOUDYS.
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